JOHN WIESE“Dramatic Accessories”Deviate From Balance (2015 Dbl LP release o Gilgongo Records)

MERZBOW“Pendericki”Merzzow (2002 CD release on Opposite Records)

INCAPACITANTS“Half Acoustic Night Of 80”Default Standard (1999 CD release on Alchemy Records)

KNURL“Encomium”Lectophysis (2006 CD release on Pitchphase)


MATS GUSTAFSSON & PAUL NILSSEN-LOVE – “Carex Straminea” – Splatter (2016 CD release on Catalytic Sound)

GRAHAM LAMBKIN & JASON LESCALLEET“There and Back”The Breadwinner (2008 CD release on Erstwhile)

THE NEW BLOCKADERS & DAS SYNTHETISCHE MISCHGEWEBEImportier Des Ermites A La Reputation Contumace” – The Monosyllabic Bicycles Tri-Coloured Quadruples (2008 vinyl LP + vinyl 7 ” release from Equation Records)

MASSIMO TONIUTTI – “Stanze Da Grano” – Cava XI.XI.86 (1987 C46 cassette self-release)

WOLFGANG FUCHSLaurenz” – Supernova 2 (2009 Dbl vinyl LP release on Interstella Rercords)



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