HAL HUTCHINSON “Corrupted Mechanics I” – Mangraft (2016 vinyl LP release on URASHIMA)
KNURL “Strictium”Reactance (2011 vinyl LP release on Wintage Records & Tapes)
THE HATERS“Strikebound” – The Haters / Xtematic  Strikebound (2014 Dbl file split release on Xerne)

PAUL NISSEN-LOVE“News From The Junk Yard”News From The Junk Yard (2015 vimyl LP release on PNL)

ANGHARAD DAVIES“Circular Bowing Study” 8:26 Six Studies (2014 CDr release on Confront)

DAVID JACKMAN & PHILIP SANDERSON “Terrain” 6:29 David Jackman & Philip Sanderson Terrain Adrift (2002 vinyl 10″ release on Die Stadt)

CHRISTOF MIGONE“Untitled”-  (2001 CD release on Locust Music)

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