SISSY SPACEK“Glass (Los Angeles)” Glass (2009 CD release on Misanthropic Agenda)

ZBIGNIEW KARKOWSKI and DANIEL MENCHE “UNLEASH” (Part One)  – Unleash (2008 CD release on Alien8 Recordings)

BEN BENNETT“If you want to hear some definite pitches, I’m sure you could make some yourself pretty easily”.    4:37    Ben Bennett    Spoilage (2012 vinyl LP release on Experimedia)

KEVIN SHEA & ALFRED VOGEL“Whole Lotta Scratchin’ “   6:20    Kevin Shea & Alfred Vogel    THE BiG BäNG!!! (2011 CD releas eon Boomslang)

MATS GUSTAFSSON (w/ DAVID SANDSTROM & ANDREAS WERLIIN)     “This Is From The Mouth”     17:58 This Is From The Mouth (2016 single side 12″ picture disc release on Utech Records)

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