set list 03/09/16…

ATTESTUPA“Utan Svar”Musik För Tomma Rum (2013 vinyl LP release on Jantecknet)

DANIEL MENCHE“Hymn No. 2” – Hymns For Sliced Velocities (1996 vinyl 12″ release on Tesco Organization)

HANDS TO“Scrine”   –  Scrine (1998 C60 cassette Release on Harsh Reality Music)

CARL KRUGER“The Black Bottle Men” – Night Doctor (2012 mini CDr release on Petite Soles)

EMIL BEAULIEAU“Untitled” –  Dedicated To Richard Rupenus (1995 CD release on Pure)


MASSIMO TONIUTTI“Motore & Moltiplicatore” – 15:30    Massimo Toniutti    Km. Piccolo Cardine (1988 C31 cassette release self release)

AARON DILLOWAY“Chain Shot”    15:10    Aaron Dilloway    Chain Shot (2007 vinyl LP release on Throne Heap)

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