set list 11/25/15…

Kazumoto Endo “Nukebenten” Japanoise Of Death II (2008 Various Artist CD release on Steinklang Industries)

John Mannion “InGlassmetal” Slice Through Or/In Glassmetal (2011 vinyl LP release on Hanson Records)

RVFS“zhǔn gùzhàng zhèngzhì nánguān” Very Inconsiderate (2015 14 x file, EP on The Worst)
Aphthous “uo2cMeWLtuuP128”Wasp-19b
Cutie Tooth “Ungreased Back Door Hammer-Time Love Making Session With Nekophiliac”High-Speed FedoraCore (2013 24 x MP# File release on Tsundere Violence)
aMURka “Hypnosis ~ Go to hell, Whiterock!” – Tree Of Life ~ Remember This View
The Fear of Being Lonely“Castle Walls Iced Over Calmly Collapsing” – Embrace Those Closest to You
Manzbow“Pulse Banjos” Pulse Banjos
Aphthous “Gateway of the Mind” Wasp-19b