set list 10/21/15…

MERZBOW & THE NEW BLOCKADERS “Oumagatoki (Part 1)” –  Kali-Yuga Karma (2011 CD release on Hypnagogia)

DAS SYNTHETISCHE MISCHGEWEBE“untitled” –   no machine is silent (1995 2 x C60 cassette release on Realization Recordings)


ZBIGNIEW KARKOWSKI / DANIEL MENCHE “Unleash 6” –   Unleash    (2008 CD release on Alien8 Recordings)

MERZBOW “Cockchola”  Merzbox (#32 Scum Vol.1)   (2000 50 CD box set release on Extreme)

SICK LAMA “B” –  Born Again to Die    (2004 cassette release on American Tapes)

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