set list 09/30/15…

GELSOMINA “Oily Rope’  – Waste Oil Recycled Vol. 2 (2005 CDr release on Sick Art Products)

ABH “Untitled” –  Unbounded Wall  (2010 C35 cassette release on Rockatansky Records)

BARK! “The Theoretician” –  Fume Of Sighs (2012 CD release on PSI)

MERZBOW “Untitled” Live Performance Feb 1985 (1985 C60 cassette release on Le Syndicate)


HANDS TO “Biasis 2” Scrine (1988 C60 cassette release on Harsh Reality Music)

ID M THEFT ABLE“And How Do I Become a “Sunshine Superman”?”  –  E Custodial New Star Gaze (2005 CDr  release on Mang-Disc)

JEAN TINGUELY “Untitled #2”Sculpture at the Tate (2012 vinyl LP reissue on Edition Bierammer)

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