KK NULL “Untitled 6” –  Astralloop (2003 CD release on Urgence Disk Records)

MERZBOW“Untitled”Yantra Material Action (2000 50 CD box set release on Extreme)

LR – “There’s Really Nothing Left To Say Of That” Exile (2011 limited edition vinyl LP release on Posh Isolation)

LASSE MARHAUG & JOHN WIESE “Jenny and the Vortex”  Country and Western (2010 CD release on Helicopter)


KOUHEI MATSUNAGA“The Garden of the Earthly Delight (Left)” – Merzbow/Kouhei Split (2001 CD release on Tigerbeat6)

KENNETH GRANVILLE ATTWOOD“Carnforth-No. 45025 Shed, May 1968” –  Memories of Steam ((1978 vinyl LP re-release on Hallmark Records)

SISSY SPACEK“Harm” –  French Record (2008 CD release on dualpLOVER)

STAHLGREN & FERGUSON“Edge Irregularity” –  Printing with Magnetic Inks (2001 CD release on Hot Air)

METGUMBNERBONE“Untitled” –   Ligeliahorn (Redux) (2002 CDr rekease on Ploughmyth International)

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