set list 06/18/2014…

AARON DILLOWAY “Live Behind The Green Door, Detroit 2004”Asset Stripping (2006 vinyl LP release on Hanson Records and Chronditic Sound)

EMACIATOR“Days Without Fear 1”  Whitewash / Days Without Fear (2006 C60 cassette release / Not On Label)


MATS GUSTAFSSON “Just a Slice of Acoustic Car”   Impropositions, Solo Saxophone (1997 CD release on Phono Suecia)

MASSIMO TONIUTTI “Le Ghiale 3”  Cava XI.XI.86 (1987 C46 cassette release, Not On Label)

N.R.A.“14”   (TATSUYA NAKATANI, RICARDO ARIAS, VIC RAWLINGS) N.R.A (2005 CD release on free103point9)

MOHEL “down here”   bypass (2008 vinyl LP release on Tyyfus)

NEW DIRECTION FOR THE ARTS“Free Form Suite, 3rd Movement”  New Direction For The Arts (1972 LP release on Three Blind Mice)реклама в гуглвидео порно извращенияпокрывало Mitsubishipurchase a watchдебет 26 кредит 70100000 рублей в кредитэкспресс займ воронежхарков новостиноутбук для игрyandex контекстная рекламаgoptions scamвзломать чужую перепискуbruteхарьков сегодня