set list 06/11/14…

CREMASTER “Noranta Graus A L’Esquerra ” –  Noranta Graus A L’Esquerra (2009 limited edition release on Monotype Records)

HELMUT SCHAFER / ZBIGNIEW KARKOWSKI “Drucklast” – Bisskraft (2010 CD release on Ytterbium)

ADULT CRASH UNIT “Bonus Track 4 ” –  The Chronicles of Mental Wreckage (2008 CDr compilation release on Deadline Recordings)


AUFGEHOBEN – “Ethicsisnoption” –   Fragments of the Marble Plan (2012 vinyl LP release on Holy Mountain)

CARL MICHAEL VON HAUSSWOLFF“The Importance of Good Heating in Colder Climates” – A Lecture on Disturbances in Architecture (2002 CD release on Firework Edition Records))

CHARLEMAGNE PALESTINE + Z’EV “Duo C/Z #3” – 8:33 Rubhitbangklanghear Rubhitbangklangear  (double CD release on Sub Rosa)

DAVID JACKMAN “Wietzendorf” – Flak  (2003 vinyl 10″ release on Die Stadt)