set list 02/05/2014…


MERZBOW “Mustela Erminea Nippon”Crocidura Dsi Nezumi (1988 C47 cassette release on Banned Production)


MICHAEL SIEGEL “Baling”  – Sounds of the Junk Yard (1964 vinyl LP release on Folkways Records)

HANDS TO“Wodice/FLP”  – Toumani (1990 C60 cassettte release on Sounds For Consciousness Rape)

JON LORENZ“Untitled #1”Solo Renegade 10 (2009 3″ CDr release on Lost Treasures Of The Underworld)

MASSIMO TONIUTTI “Stanze Da Grano”  – Cava XI.XI.86 (1987 self release C46 cassette)

NOBUO YAMADA“Echoes #3”Echoes Of Tokyo Suburbs (2007 double CDr release on ABH)