set list 07/03/2013…

THE NEW BLOCKADERS & PUTRIFIER“Untitled”Schleifmittelbögen CDR (2007 vinyl LP and bonus CDr release on Birthbiter)

OTOMO YOSHIIHIDE“Turntable With Guitar Amp” –  Turntable Solos (2004 mini CD release on Alcohol)

SOLMANIA “Metamorphor Chorus II”  – Metamorphor Chorus 1991 (1991 CD release on Alchemy Records)

MERZBOW“Ko To No O To” (Part 2)  – ko to no o to (2012 vinyl 7″ release on Retort Records)

MERZBOW “Scarabe” – Merzbox (disc 24 Enclosure/Libido Economy – originally released in 1987 as a limited edition c46 cassette release on ZSF Produckt)

WOODS/RAMMEL/DUO“intricate machines 3”intricate machines working in a small, enclosed space (2012 c45 cassette release on Car Wash Tapes)


PHOSPHOR“P1”  – Phosphor (2001 CD release on Potlatch)

LAUHKEAT LAMPAAT“Teppii”  – Sylissäin Oot (2005 vinyl LP release on Qbico)