set list 05/08/2013…

GUILTY CONNECTOR “Guilty Connector” – Guilty Connector/John Wiese – split (2002 limited edition vinyl; LP release on Ataxie Disques)

SCRAPED FACE“Untitled #5” –  (2013 MP3 download on SoundCloud)

CHOP SHOP“Hot Box” –  Steel Plate (1991 double 10″ vinyl release on RRRecords)

BURNING STAR CORE“Side B” –  Sword Swallower’s Opera  (2008 C20 cassette release on Hospital Productions)


JAAKKO TOLVI / CHRIS CORSANO“double drumming pt. 2” the green wah tape (2006 CD release on Tulipesa)

GRUPPO DI IMPROVVISAZIONE NUOVA CONSONANZA“Hei!” –  1 Niente (2012 vinyl LP split release by The Omni Recording Corporation and  The Round Table)

JACK WRIGHT / BOB FALESCH“02-Bonny bony doublebed cony” –  i’d rather be a sparrow

HOMEOGRYLLUS JAPONICUS ORCHESTRA “prelude – hjo with audience” –  Homeogryllus Japonicus Orchestra 2004 (2005 CD release on Great YEar Soundings)Autotradingреклама googleelectric roll up truck bed coversбатарейки аккумуляторыкредит форумцентр инвест кредитskoda rapid в кредиткерамическаяпаркетная доска эста паркетbest binary brokers 2014europe optionworldofwarplanescheats.ruanonymizer-odnoklassnikiчто такое обособленное согласованное определение