THE HATERS“Joyous Smash”Splinter Clear Cut / Joyous Smash -(1998 CD release On Freak Animal Records)

MERZBOW” WJUL, Lowell MA. (17/9/90)”Great American Nude / Crash For HiFi (1991 CD release on Alchemy Records)


GREG KELLEY & ALEX NEILSON“Blessing the Throat” 3:08  Graveside Doles (2006 vinyl release on Ultra Eczema)

GRUPPO DI IMPROVVISAZIONE NUOVA CONSONANZA “Hei!” 1:43  – Niente (2012 vinyl LP release of an unreleased 1971 recording session at Fono Roma Studios Rome, Italy. Released by The Omni Recording Corporation and The Roundtable)

PANTERAS/BAXTER/BROWN “Vienna Three” 10:10  – Gauticle (2004 CD release on Synaesthesia)

SEBASTIEN BOUHANA“très nettement” (very much) 13:28  Tambour, pas tant (bass drum solo) – (2011 MP3 release on Insubordinations) Recorded in December 2010, at “grande salle de RANC’ARTS” in Aouste sur Sye (SoutheasternFrance)).