set list 05/02/2012…

OSCILLATING INNARDS“Pacemaker”  –The Broken Column (2010 cassette release on Latrogenesis Records)

DIE REITENDEN LEICHEN“Gott Verwest”Trutz (2009 cassette release on Monolithische Records)

HEINZ HOPF“first session ii”heinz hopf (2010 self release cassette release)


THE HATERS“The Rapture Of Transformation” –  Soundtrack For The End Of The World (1994 Various Artist CD release on Self Abuse Records)

OUTERMOST“Medicine Injury”  – Beware of This and That (2001 CDr release on Hospital Productions)

P16.D4 / MERZBOW“Half cut cows”Acrid Acme (of) P16.D4 (1989 CD release on Selektion Records)