set list 10/19/2011…

BRAINS¬† (Drew Ceccato, tenor Chris Golinski, drums) – “Periscii”Gristle and Skins (2010 CD release on Edgetone Records)

RHYS CHATHAM “Crossing the Sword Bridge of the Abyss”Outdoor Spell (2010 CD release on Northern-Sky Records)

EVAN PARKER“Aerobatics 9 (Not with the fire in me now)”Saxophone Solos (2009 CD reissue on PSI of a 1975 LP release by FMP)


MERZBOW w/ JAZZKAMMER“Untitled”Live at Molde Int’l Jazz Festival (2005 CD release on Small Town Super)

AUFGEHOBEN“Manotgog”Messidor (2006 CD release on Holy Mountain)

¬†JOHN OLSON, MIKE CONNELLY, NATE YOUNG and JOHN WIESE “Untitled” Wheels Of Confusion (2006 CDr release from American Tapes)