set list 07/20/2011…

THE HATERS – “shatter (7:04) – Voice of victory (1998 CDr release on Self Abuse Records)
DUE PROCESS“combine XXI” (4:43) – Fin de la voix (2001 CD release on RRRecords)
SMELL & QUIM – “tuning the twat machinery” (3:52) – kiling ha muerto… cuantas veces (1995 vinyl release on Climax Records) GRUNT “Kansanmurhan Kone” (6:44)  – Petturien Rooli – (2009 CD release on Freak Animal Records)
PUTREFIER “Awoken By Cosmic Breakin’ Loops” (4:41) –  Split (Kazumoto Endo / Putrefier) (2001 CD release on Birthbiter Records) LIOR NAVOK   – “Tipsy Cogs” (3:15) – Urban Nocturnes  – (2001 CD release on NLM Records)

CHRISTOPHER RIGGS“Sustained By Extravagant Advertising” (10:10) Solo stereo electric guitar improvisation live on WFMU
MARTIN KUCHEN “Warszawa” (9:53) –  The Lie & The Orphanage (2010 CD release on Mathka Records)
ROBIN HAYWARD   – “coil” (7:48) – valve division. music for solo tuba (2005 CD release on Fringes Records)
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