EXPLORING JEZEBEL“Only Tease” -     On A Business Trip To London (2015 vinyl LP release on Blackest Ever Black)

EDWIGE“Untitled” -   Play The Game Or Leave The Bed (21007 vinyl 7″ release on Release the bats)

PUTREFIER“Environment of the Modern Day American Gorgon”Trace Element Syntax (1997 CD release onPure)

DANIEL LOWENBRUCK & MARCELLVS  L.“Untitled” Stallgewitter (2014 vinyl LP release on iDEAL Records)

JEAN TINGUELY‘Sculpture at The Tate (4)” -   Sculpture at the Tate (2012 vinly LP release on

HAN BENNINK TRIO“Myckewelk”Parken (2009 CD release on ILk Music)


AUFGEHOBEN“Shibboleth” -    Messidor (2006 CD release on Holy Mountain)

SICKNESS“15″ -   sought for slaying (2006 vinyl LP re-release on Hospital Productions- originally released on Ninth Circle Music)

SVIMMELHED“Jern” -      Svimmelhed (2014 CD release on Conrad Sound)


G-HORSTURZ - “untitled” –   Life in The Psychotic Machinery (1995 cassette release on Mother Savage Noise Productions)

JIN SANGTAE“Extention” -   Extensity of Hard Disk Drive (2008 CD release on Balloon and Needle)

LASSE MARHAUG - “untitled” –   One Eye And Watching (2001 vinyl 7″ release on Melektronikk)


PHOLDE - “Of Uncertain Aspect” -    28:30    Pholde    Of Uncertain Aspect (2009 mp3 release on ping things)


LEIF ELGGREN - “Track 5″    9:47 - 45 minutes from underneath the beds (2006 CD release on Utan Titel)

HAL HUTCHINSON - “Metalwork Installation IV” -    Wreckage Installations & Metalworks (2014 CD release on Crucial Blaze)

THE RITA - “Diving Knives” -     La Vierge De Nurembourg (2013 4x red vinyl 7″ box set, release on  Dot Dot Dot Music)

NOBUO YAMADA - “Echoes#2″ -   Echoes Of Tokyo Suburbs(2007 2x CDr release 0n ABH)

UNITED NOISE TOYS“Moat” -     Live In Utrecht ’98 (1998 CD release on X-OR)


TORE H. BOE“Side B” -    Solvstoy (1999 CDr release on Open Circuit)

ARFVORD/R.YAU/M.NINE - “Track01″ -    7HZ (2002 CD release on Auscultare Research)

CHRISTOPHER RIGGS - “4″ -    Prefers Human Voice and Face(2014 mp3 release)

AUDITEM - “Twelve” -   Concert For Detuned Piano (2003CD release on Acidsoxx Musicks)


FREEBASS“Read”     -  FREEBASS/Scraped Face C-20 split - (2014 C-20 release on DAMrecords)

TOM BLANCARTE“The Shortening Of The Way”   -  Tom Blancarte (2013 vinyl 12″ release on Tubapede Records)


FERNANDO GRILLO“Fluvine tre” -    Fluvine (1976 vinyl Lp release on Cramps Records)

MATHEW SPERRY - “three”   Solo Bass Vol. 1 (recorded 1983, CDr released 2003 on Limited Sedition)

BARRY GUY – “Fizzle 5″ -     Five Fizzles For Samuel Beckett (2014 vinyl 10″ release on NoBuisness Records)

BRANDEN ABUSHANAB -   “below the bow” -    The Dust Improvisations (2010 self release CD)


SCOTT  ASHFORD“Zero Point” –  7HZ (2002 3way split CD release on Auscultare Research)

FRESH WATER GIRLS “Not Here They Won’t”Fresh Water Girls/VAT (2012 C30 split (w/Vat)cassette release on Girl Tapes)


JEAN-LOUIS HOUCARD/MASAMI AKITA - “untitled” -  collaboration through mail 1983-1984 (1987 C60 cassette release on DMA2)


LEE PATTERSON “heatworks”  –   Heatworks (2002 CD release on New Acoustical Pleasures)


MERZBOW“Untitled” (Merzdisc 09) Yantra Material Action (2000 50 CD Box set release on Extreme)

GX JUPITER-LARSEN“An Ordinary Shovel” -   Dissolving Metal Zeros (1994 split vinyl 7″ (w/David Jackman) release on Banned Productio)

RIE NAKAJIMA“Untitled” (B1) –     Four Forms (2015 vinyl LP release on Consumer Waste)

JOHN WIESE - “Dramatic Accessories” -   Deviate from Balance (2015 2 x vinyl LP release on Gilgongo Records)


CHEFKIRK - “vegan buttermilk” -   we must leave the warren (2011 CDr release on Eh?)

GUNTER MULLER & LE QUAN NINH - “La Voyelle Liquide” -   La Voyelle Liquide (2000 CD release on Erstwhile Records)

LASSE MARHAUG & JOHN WIESE“Turning the Ocean Into a Bomb” -    Country and Western (2010 CD release on Helicopter)


HANDS  TO“Thraal” -   Scrine (1988 C60 cassette release on Harsh Reality Music)

FAILING LIGHTS“Untitled” -     Scent Pattern (2007 C32 cassette release on Trash Ritual)

MERZBOW - “83mb”Masters Of Japanese Electronic Music (2000 CD release on Far East Experimental Sounds)

METAL TASTE LIKE ORANGE“bind” Secret Recording 1 (1999 CD release on Amoebic)


THE NEW BLOCKADERS“Untitled (b)” -  Epater Les Bourgeois (1992 limited edition vinyl 7″ release on NOP Records)

KNURL- “Untitled” - Kurtosis (2002 CDr release on Harshnoise)

NIHILIST SURFIN’ GROUP- “Untitled”Music For The New Yorker (1987 C46 cassette release on Sound Of Pig)


THE HATERS“Building Empty”     - Sniper (1993 C60 cassette release on Banned Production)

FRESH WATER GIRLS” FWG”Girl Tapes     (2012 C30 cassette release on Girl Tapes)

MOTHER SAVAGE“Untitled” –     Kryptopyrrole (1996 C60 cassette release on Mother Savage Noise Productions)

GIUSEPPE IELASI - “Paper Lamp” –     Tools (2010 CD release on 12k)


GRATKOWSKI/LEHN/ZOUBEK/MANERSCHEID/BLUME - “Gavotte” –        Shift – Songs From Aipotu (2011 CD release on Leo Records)

ROSS BOLLETER“Dead Marine” -       Secret Sandhills and satellites [pieces for ruined pianos] (2006 CD release on EMANEM)

HAL RAMMEL“Lost Bridge” -    Midwest Disquiet (2010 limited Edition release on Penumbra)

YEAST CULTURE“9328 Biocarrier”  –    Er Ist Tief Und Dein Wasser Ist Dunkler (He Is Deep And Dark Is Your Water) – (1991 limited edition vinyl LP release on Quiet Artworks)


DANIEL MENCHE“Got Nothing To Hide – Got Demons On My Side” -   Screaming Caress (1997 CD release on Side Effects)

HANDS TO - “Enplate” -    Toumani (1990 C60 cassette release on Sounds For Consciousness Rape)

FAILING LIGHTS“Untitled” -   Scent Pattern (2007 C32 cassette release on Trash Ritual)


HIJOKAIDAN featuring AKIRA SAKATA“Copper Median Co.” -     Made In Studio (2012 Cd release on Doubtmusic)

MIMEO + JOHN TILBURY - “part two” -    The Hands Of Caravaggio (2002 CD release on Erstwhile)


JEAN-LOUIS HOUCARD/MASAMI AKITA“untitled”    14:15   collaboration through mail 1983-1984 (1987 C60 cassette release on DMA2)

BORBETOMAGUS“Gestapo She Wolf Barbie” -    14:44     A’Go-Go (2009 CD release on Agaric)


AUFGEHOBEN” CuriosityVanityExpediency” -    4:38      Fragments Of The Marble Plan (2012 vinyl LP release on Holy Mountain)

ELI KESZLER“Cold Pin (Installation Recording)” -    13:19     Catching Net (2012 2 x CD release on Pan)