HIGH RISE“Make A Motion” - Psychedelic Speed Freaks 84-85 (1997 CD release on Time Bomb Records)

ELLIOTT SHARP / MERZBOW“Esrma1″ - Tranz (2005 CD release on Caminante Recordings)

ERIC LUNDE“Split Off Radio” - Music Is Meat (2010 release by TraitMediaWorks)

HEDDY BOUBAKER - “Lack of Conversation” - Lack of Conversation (2006 CD release on Creative Sources)

ECHO SYSTEM - “Liquid Mortar” - Insect (1998 cassette release on Brainchaos)


NOBUO YAMADA - “Daydream of Wok” - Daydream of Wok (2009 CDr release on ABH)
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