THE NEW BLOCKADERS“Track 08″  - Schleifmittelbögen CDR * (2007 limited edition bonus CDR that came with the LP, released on Birthbiter)

MACRONYMPHA“Negro”  - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1995 vinyl LP release on Praxis Dr. Bearmann)

FREEBASS - “Untitled”  – Scraped Face/FREEBASS Split (2012 C20 cassette release on DAMrecords)

FORCED PUBLIQUE CONGO - “Divination”  -  Copper, Rubber, And Witchcraft In Zandeland (2011 C10 cassette release on Hospital Productions)


DANIEL MENCHE“Electrical Mix” -(2013 SoundCloud MP3 download)

UNITED NOISE TOYS -“Lurk” -Live In Utrecht ’98 (1998 CD release on X-OR)

JEAN TINGUELY - “bascule vii”Jean Tinguely – (1990 vinyl 10″ release on Manhood Records)

LUC FERRARI & OTOMO YOSHIHIDE“Sequence 2 “Turbulences”Archives sauvées des eaux (Archive of water saved)(2008 CD release on  Diac Callithump)

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