set list 09/25/2013…

CHAINFIGHT - “Side D”  - Prison Sweat (2008 2 x C22 cassette release on Chondritic Sound)

SETH NEHIL - ” untitled” -l Amnemonic Site (2007 CD release on Alluvial Recordings)

SKIN GRAFT“Untitled  - 24 Grudges (2008 C40 cassette release on Pleasure Dome Tapez)


THE NEW BLOCKADERS - ” Hit Damage On Ab Over X”  - History Of Nothing (2001 CD release on Sirien Records)

SMALL CRUEL PARTY“Unroof The House Of The Fishes 2″  – Unroof The House Of The Fishes (1993 C46 cassette release on G.O.S.S.)

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