VIOLENT ONSEN GEISHA & THURSTON MOORE“With Thurston Moore” (recorded live 9/27/95 Knitting Factory New York City, New York USA) Violent Onsen Geisha – U.S. Tour ’95 (1995 CD release on Japan Overseas)

OPEN CITY - “dusty sweets, bit parts”two sides of california – (2005 vinyl LP release on RRRecords)


PETALS“sleep to wake” 15:28 petals – sleep to wake wake to sleep – (2010 cassette release on Afternoon Modeling)

TATSUYA NAKATANI“Circle Modern Way”Green Report 12 – (2004 CD release on H&H Production)

LASSE MARHAUGH & JOHN WIESE - “Rip Torn”Country and Western – (2010 CD release on Helicopter)онлайн консультантыqueries meansкастрюля для кипячения молокафототехникбизнес план кредитный брокеркредит 100 одобрениеденьги в долг курск

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