AUFGEHOBEN - “Ethicsisnoption (TI23)”Fragments Of The Marble Plan – (2012 Vinyl LP release on Holy Mountain)

DISTANT RELATIVE - “Act. 1 thru 12″ -   First Folio – (2011 MP3 release on Grindcore Karaoke)
DIE REITENDEN LEICHEN (The Horse Ends Corpses) - “Gott Verwest (God Westernized)” -  Trutz (2009 cassette release on Monolithische Aktion)


+DOG+“human resources” -   The Passion Cave -(2013 MP3 release on 4EYES net label)

DAS SYNTHETISCHE MISCHGEWEBE (The Synthetic Compound Gewebe) – “phemera – (Insatiable Collection of Pt.1)”“The Escape Of The Electrified Dermatologist Epitomises His Dissent With The Compromising Juxtaposition Of The Smell And The Sound Of A Pair Of Wings Injured In Subdued Romance.” (2006 double CD release on Monochrome Vision)

GREG KELLEY / OLIVIA BLOCK“Looking Through Bone”Resolution – (2011 CD release on Erstwhile Records)top binary option brokersUS Binary options brokerretractable tonneau covers truck bedпогода по маршруту1 млн в кредитпао банк премьер кредитдебет 10 кредит 10наружные видеокамерыпоисковая гуглbanc de binary contactсколько стоит контекстная реклама в яндексеантибан для warface скачать бесплатноарендаавито услуги москва

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