OSCILLATING INNARDS“Pacemaker” -   - The Broken Column

MERZBOW“Theme Of Dadaist” -   Merzbox 03  (1980 cassette release on Lowest Music and Arts)

PORNODRONE“Llamada de apareamiento de una perra extraterrestre” ( Mating Call Of  a Dog Alien) -  Sicalipsis (Suggestiveness) (2011 release, N.O.L)


BANETORIKO“nue”Master Mix  (2012 SoundCloud MP3)

PATERAS/BAXTER/BROWN“Vienna Three” -  Pateras/Baxter/Brown Gauticle (2004 CD release on Synaesthesia)

HAL HAMMEL / MATT TURNER“Fracture 2″  Fractures and Phantoms (2012 CD release on Penumbra)

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