May 292013

BEN BENNETT“all i can say is my name”WIPERWILL (2011 CD release, not on label)

BOGART (Hubert Haverkamp)- “Sounds Of A Sculpture II”Sounds Of A Sculpture (1989 vinyl LP released by Kunsthaus am Moritzplatz gallery, Berlin)

N.R.A. – (TATSUYA NAKATANI / VIC RAWLINGS / RICARDO ARIAS) “9” – N.R.A.  (2005 CD release on free103p0int9)

BROTZMANN / VAN HOVE / BENNINK“R.W.SCH” –  Tschüs (1975 release onCien Fuegos)

BRUCE GILBERT “Nerveway”Instant Shed Volume 2 (1996 2 x vinyl 7″ release on Ash International)

CLEW OF THESEUS“Visitation Part 2”home/visitation (2003 mini CDr release on Chondritic Sound)


MATTHEW SPERRY – “Beanbender’s” –  Solo Bass, Vol. 2 (2009 CDr release on Limited Sedition)

MATS GUSTAFSSON, BARRY GUY & PAUL LOVENS “Part V”mouth eating trees and related activities (1996 CD release on OKKA Disc)

HOWARD STELZER & FRANZ DE WAARD“Slate”Torn Tongue (2002 CDr release on Absurd)

FREEBASS“…” –    – (2013 lathecut 7″ release on DAMrecords)

TNB / PUTREFIER“Fogli Abrasivi 2” –  Schleifmittelbogen (2007 vinyl LP release on Birthbiter)стойкий карандаш для глазcheck my grammar free onlinetruck bed covers for saleleggs sexy500000 в кредиткак взять кредит гражданам снгхоум кредит банк в орлехарьков облкак правильно подобрать ключевые слова для сайтаescorts incalloptec reviewrostovie-kukli.comsteamhack.orgтехнический аудит

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