SICKNESS“Live at Last Rites ii 102411 – O’Briens Pub – Boston”Live at Last Rites ii 102411 – O’Briens Pub – Boston” (2013 MP3 release on SoundCloud)

FRITZ DIETL“Baoding Tape”Webcor (2010 CDr release on Chocolate Monk)

RULLA“possessed by venom”an albatross around the neck (2005 3″ CDr on Amoeba Records)

Z’EV“Three Kinds of Game” (recorded live from the Mabuhay Gardens in San Francisco, USA, March 29, 1980) – Salts of Heavy Metals (1981 vinyl LP release on Infidelity)


FREEBASS“4our”  -  5ive (2010 C-30 cassette release on DAM records)

MICHAEL SIEGEL  – “Paper Baler”Sounds of the Junk Yard (1964 vinyl LP release on Folkways Records)

ZBIGNIEW KARKOWSKI & TETSUO FURUDATE  – “mix white”zeitkratzer world as will iii (2008 CD release on Sub Rosa)


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