MERZBOW“Theme Of Dadaist “ -  Remblandt Assemblage (1981 cassette, released on his own “Lowest Music and Arts” label)

CARLOS GIFFONI & DYLAN NYOUKIS“The Humming Hand”Chewing Smoke (2004 limited edition CD release on Invated)

DANIEL MENCHE“Untitled 4″ - Terre Paroxysm (2010 cCD release on UTECH Records)


NO-NECK BLUES BAND“the math of crack” -  the math of crack (1995 vinyl 7″ release on New World Of Sound)

LEIF ELGGREN“Track 3″45 minutes from underneath the beds (2000 limited edition CDr release on Absurd)

ANDY ORTMANN“the deadlier of the species”nightmania (2004 CD release on Nihilist)

DAVID JACKMAN“Untitled”Ten Cut (1996 limited edition Lathe-Cut 10″ release on Speed Pig)

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