KIKURI (Keiji Haino & Masami Akita) – “Give Me Back That Colour You Stole From My Guts…  Pulverized Purple  (2008 CD release on Les Disques Victo)
THE NEW BLOCKADERS and THURSTON MOORE“The Voluptulist”The Voluptulist  (2007 vinyl LP release on Ecstatic Peace)

HEDDY BOUBAKER“Solitude #2″Lack of Conversation (2006 CD release on Creative Sources)
GREG KELLEY / OLIVIA BLOCK“Some Old Slapstick Routine”Resolution (2011 CD release on Erstwhile Records)
ALFREDO COSTA MONTEIRO - “clair de bee” -  alfred costa monteiro/ Lee Patterson-split CDr (2008 CDr release on Compost and Height)

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