Mar 132013

KIKURI (Keiji Haino & Masami Akita) – “Give Me Back That Colour You Stole From My Guts…  Pulverized Purple  (2008 CD release on Les Disques Victo)
THE NEW BLOCKADERS and THURSTON MOORE“The Voluptulist” –  The Voluptulist  (2007 vinyl LP release on Ecstatic Peace)

HEDDY BOUBAKER“Solitude #2” –  Lack of Conversation (2006 CD release on Creative Sources)
GREG KELLEY / OLIVIA BLOCK“Some Old Slapstick Routine” –  Resolution (2011 CD release on Erstwhile Records)
ALFREDO COSTA MONTEIRO “clair de bee” –  alfred costa monteiro/ Lee Patterson-split CDr (2008 CDr release on Compost and Height)оптимизация и продвижение веб сайтовbanc de binary online tradingstrong female legs and calvesnice apartments in miamiбыстрый кредит в иркутскепотребительский кредит в европевиды кредитаvolynnews.commiami rental propertiesbank de binary videogoogle adeordswiresharkнакрутка сердечек ВКЦерковь Заготзерновский проезд 14

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