Oct 032012

DAVID MURRAY ” In Memory Of Jomo Kenyatta”  – 3D Family (1978 2xLP release on Hat Hut Records)

KEVIN DRUMM “Gutsynth 2000 (Version 2)” –  The Obstacles of Romantic Exaggeration (disc 2) (2010 limited edition 2xCDr  release on Karl Schmidt Verlag)

INCAPACITANTS “You Said” –  Tight (2009 vinyl LP release on Dogma Chase)


DAMION ROMERO“Idle”Idle (2003 mini CDr recording of a 1968 road runner at  idle, released on P- Tapes)

ECHO SYSTEM “Liquid Mortar”Insect(1990 C-20 cassette release on Brainchaos)
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