BERTRAND GAUGUET, FRANZ HAUTZINGER, THOMAS LEHN - “Close Up 01″  - Close Up (2009 CD release on Monotone Records)

ANTHEA CADDY & THEMBI SODDELL - “Iland 2″Iland (2006 CD release on Cajid Media)

CHARLIE DRAHEIM - “Untitled”  – Possession (2006 vinyl LP release on Tone Filth)


ENODIA & WEREWOLF JERUSALEM - “Suffocation Of Dead Signals” Morgue Melancholy/Suffocation Of Dead Signals (2010 cassette release on Scorze Records)

AN INNOCENT YOUNG THROAT CUTTER - “Dead Man’s Vow Of Revenge”French Sex Murders (2008 CDr release on Deadline Recordings)

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