AARON SIEGEL“20″ The Cabinet (2006 CD release on Longbox Recordings)

CHRISTOPHER RIGGS - “8″Prefers Human Voice and Face (2014 MP3 release)

JETTATURA & JOHN WIESE” Jettatura & John Wiese”Jettatura with John Wiese & Leopard Leg – split (2007 cassette release on Hex Out Tapes)

AUBE“Fractured Silence” Shade Away (1999 limited edition CD release on Art-ic Culture)


CHRIS CORSANO & PAUL FLAHERTY - “drunk-faced sun”Low Cost Space Flights (2014 vinyl LP release on Feeding Tube Records)

DANIEL MENCHE“Scratch Of The Mutilated”Daniel Menche Small Cruel Party Scratch Of The Mutilated / Sister Brother (1996 limited edition Acetate 7″ release on MSBR Records)

HANDS TO“Wodice/FLP”Toumani (1990 C60 cassette release on Sounds of Consciousness Rape)

HEDDY BOUBAKER - “Solitude #4″Lack of Conversation (2006 CD release on Creative Sources)

GREG KELLEY & OLIVIA BLOCK“Looking Through Bone”Resolution (2011 CD release on Erstwhile Records)Binary options risk management strategyооо полигон киевпоменять доллары на рубликухонный комбайн б у купитьбыстрые деньги займ воронежкредиты в евросетимебель в кредит спбурс

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