MERZBOW & THE NEW BLOCKADERS“Transience Part 2″The Ten Foot Square Hut (2004 CD release on Hypnagogia)


SISSY SPACEK and PANICSVILLE“Phys Ed. part one” -   Self-Titled 7” (2002 limited edition vinyl 7″release on Helicopter)


TAINT - “Untitled”Prey (1995 C60 cassette release on Open Wound)

AGENCEMENT - “Rout 83″ -   Experimental Music Of Japan Vol.4: Early Works 1983-1986 (2010 CD release on Edition Omega Point)

PRICK DECAY / VIOLENT ONSEN GEISHA“Silver Afro Funeral March” -   Dada Junk Spew! (2009 limited edition CDr release on Studies for Audio Orgies Records)

METGUMBNERBONE – “Untitled” – 10:21 Metgumbnerbone Ligeliahorn (Redux)


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