MO*TE - “Bad Habit” Stash (1998 CDr release on Solipsism)

HAL HUTCHINSON - “Metalwork Installation III”Wreckage Installations & Metalworks (2014 CD release on Crucial Blast)

THE NEW BLOCKADERS & PUTREFIER - “Schuurvellen”Schleifmittelbögen CDR (2007 vinyl LP + CDr release on Birthbiter)

JASON CRUMER - “Home Wreck”What Is Love (2007 C15 cassette release on Hospital Productions)


HEDDY BOUBAKER“The Fall Of The Empire” The Fall Of The Empire (2009 MP3 release on Compost & Height)

PATRICK FARMER - “Live in Manchester” Live in Manchester (2010 release on Compost & Height)
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