HVIDE SEJL  (Loke Rahbek) – “Trust” –  9:51 The Nude (2012 C20 cassette release on Posh Isolation)

FREEBASS“Untitled” 10:00   Mutant Dialectics Vol. 1 (2012 c60 cassette release on Tested Soul)

HIJOKAIDAN“Ferocity of Practical Life” –  A 9:45  Ferocity Of Practical Life (1997 10″ vinyl release on Fourth Dimension Records)


GIUSEPPE IELASI“Tin Can” –  3:24  Tools (2010 CD release on 12k)

THE HATERS“Esta” -  5:55 The Rot (1987 C60 cassette release on Harsh Reality Music)

KAY GRANT and ALEX WARD“And Another Thing”  – 7:32 Fast Talk (2011 CD release on Emanem)

KK NULL / DAMIAN CATERA“FOM”Freakout Modulation (2001 CD release on Harsh House)


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