SISSY SPACEK - “Rapid Fire”California Ax – Police (2008 4 x CD box set release on Helicopter)

NAJ - “Next To Next” The Artificial Nerve (1997 limited edition 5 x cassette release on Xerxes)

SIGHTINGS“Anna Mae Wong”Absolutes (2003 limited edition vinyl LP release on Riot Season)

AUBE - “Aquatremble 1″  – Flush (1997 CD release on Iris Light Records)

THE NEW BLOCKADERS - ” Hidden Agenda”History Of Nothing (2001 limited edition CD release on Siren Records)


HAIR POLICE - “rattlers echo”rattlers echo (2004 mini CDr release on Chondritic Sound)

ROBERT ASHLEY - “How can I tell the difference? Version one”  –  String Quartet describing the motions of large real bodies, How can I tell the difference? (1999 CD release on Alga Marghen)
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