Feb 262014

HONG CHULKI “Untitled 1” – With Cartridge (2007 2x mini CDr release on Balloon and Needle)

HOLLY HOLLIS“01 Untitled” – Places Without Faces (2009 cassette release on Attic Cassettes)

ACHIM WOLLSHEID/SBOTHI“This is a Simple Digital Message” –  A Conclusion of Unrestrained Philosophy (1989 various artist CD compilation release on Liveevil Compact Discs)

AUFGEHOBEN “A Bastard Reasoning” –  Khora (2008 CD release on Holy Mountain)


NOBUO YAMADA“Echoes #2”  – Echoes Of Tokyo Suburbs (2007 2xCDr release on ABH)

MSBR & ROBOCHANMAN“Untitled”  – Final Electro Acoustic Work 1 (2003 CDr release on MSBR Records)

I.D.“Öô.>>..>>ßt” –  Ju-Jikan: 10 Hours Of Sound From Japan (2002 2x CD release on 23five)

LOREN CHASSE “untitled”  – hedge of nerves (2002 CD release on Anomalous Records)

TNB/PUTREFIER “A5-Tiras abrasivas” – Schleifmittelbogen (2006 vinyl LP release on Birthbiter)
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