THE CHERRY POINT“Untitled”Pete Swanson & The Cherry Point  (2004 C21 cassette release on Troniks)

GRUNT“Patriots of the Desert Storm”Symptoms Of The Disease (2001 CDr release on Ninth Circle Music)

DIE REITENDEN LEICHEN“Varpour Skyscrapings”Post Wall (2012 C20 cassette release on Monolithische Aktion)


HAL HUTCHINSON - “Taste Of Iron Part Two”  - Taste Of Iron (2010- C20 cassette release on Freak Animals Records)

KNURL - “Untitled” l - Kurtosis (2002 CDr release on Harshnoise)

CARL MICHAEL VON HAUSSWOLFF - “When Thick Walls Seem Vanished”  - A Lecture on Disturbances in Architecture (2002 CD release on Firework EdtionRecords)

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