HEX MINORA - ”Whore”  - Ai (1995 cassette release on Metamorphosis)

GRUNT - ”Finnish Syndrome”   - Scandinavian Noise Manifesto (1998 various artist CD release on Freak Animal Records)

LASSE MARHAUG & JOHN WIESE - ”Pack Wrecked”  - Country and Western (2010 CD release on Helicopter)



HAL HUTCHINSON - ”Totally Ugly” - Mania / Hal Hutchinson split (2011 C30 cassette release on Der Bunker Records)

BANETORIKO - “tenka (thank you!)”  MP3 (2012 MP3 release from SoundCloud)

ENRICO MALATESTA - ”00′ 00”Standard (2009 limited edition cassette release on Prestol?)русское порно видео студентовZe Binary Signals review24optionпутевки в россиюrevo кредиткуплю ноутбук в кредитоформить кредитную карту в евросити

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