Feb 172016

SUFFER BOMB DAMAGE“Untitled”  – SufferBombDamage

DANIEL MENCHE“Scratch Of The Mutilated” – Scratch Of The Mutilated / Sister Brother (1996 Acetate 7″ release on MSBR Records)

SISSY SPACEK and PANICSVILLE“Phys Ed. part one” – Sissy Spacek and Panicsville split 7″ (2002 Lathe Cut 7″ release on Helicopter)

SIGHTINGS “Anna Mae Wong” – Absolutes (2003 vinyl LP release on Riot Season)

KNURL“Micrarhyncis” – Reactance (2011 vinyl LP release on Wintage Records and Tapes)
YVES BOULIANE“Side B”Champ (10 Operations) (2015 vinyl LP release on Tenzier)

NOBUO YAMADA –  “toy piano+hand” –     6:10   Mono Te Oto (CD1) (2003 3 x CDr release on ABH)

WILLI OPITZ – “McLaren”    3:41     Sounds Of Wine (1996 CD release on PolyGram Special Projects)

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Feb 032016

 THE NEW BLOCKADERS“X-Nihilist Assault” –  Ex – The Backlash    (1984 C-60 cassette compilation release on Broken Flag Records)

WINFRIED RITSCH“Oak”Woodscratcher (2012 vinyl LP picture disc release on God Records)

AMERICAN BAND –  “Basic And Stuck Fat”Low Fiction    (2009 vinyl LP release on Hot Releases)


TOSCHI ICHIVANAGI – “Music For Tinguely” –  Obscure Tape Music Of Japan Vol.5: Music For Tinguely    (2006 CD release Edition Omega Point)

MICHAEL MUENNICH10’28”  –  Abbitte    (2013 C-22 cassette release on Banned Production)

SVEN-AKE JOHANSSON – “Radio” –     10:11   Peashot (2011 CD release on Olof Bright)


Listen to this week’s archive.  Playlist rolls over every week.

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