Dec 302015

 NIKOS VELIOTIS“Mugs on Speed” –    12:30     Mugs on Speed  (2008 MP3 release on Compost and Height)

STEPHEN CORNFORD/PATRICK FARMER “Untitled” –    11:33     A Measure Of Ground      (2013 2 x cassette release on Consumer Waste)


BEN OWENS“wg3-20070519” –    10:34     MP3   (2007 MP3 release on Compost and Height)

CHRISTIAN MARCLAY “footsteps” – 17:45     Footsteps  (1989 single sided vinyl 12″ release on Rec Rec Music)

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Dec 232015

MINDFLAYER “Frizzle Fry 2” –   Mindflayer/Deep Jew split 7″    Bored Fortress (2007 7″ release on Not Not Records)

BLODVITE“Axioen” –   Dekonstruktioner (2012 vinyl LP release on Jartecknet)

SMALL CRUEL PARTY –  “Sister Brother” –  Daniel Menche  Small Cruel Party split Acetate 7″     Scratch Of The Mutilated / Sister Brother (1996 Acetate 7″ split release on MSBR Records)

N.K.“side B” –    Nile River Fashions (2012 C18 cassette release on Girl Tapes)

CECIL TAYLOR“Riobec 2”  IN BERLIN ’88 (BOX SET) (1989 11 CD box set release on FMP)

HAL HUTCHINSON“Taste Of Iron 2” –   Dedicated To Damage (2015 CD compilation co-release on Untergeschoss/Filth and Violence)

JOHN WIESE“Battery Instruments” –  Deviate From Balance (2015 2 x vinyl LP release on Gilgongo Records)

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Dec 232015

Kazumoto Endo “Nukebenten” Japanoise Of Death II (2008 Various Artist CD release on Steinklang Industries)

John Mannion “InGlassmetal” Slice Through Or/In Glassmetal (2011 vinyl LP release on Hanson Records)

RVFS“zhǔn gùzhàng zhèngzhì nánguān” Very Inconsiderate (2015 14 x file, EP on The Worst)
Aphthous “uo2cMeWLtuuP128”Wasp-19b
Cutie Tooth “Ungreased Back Door Hammer-Time Love Making Session With Nekophiliac”High-Speed FedoraCore (2013 24 x MP# File release on Tsundere Violence)
aMURka “Hypnosis ~ Go to hell, Whiterock!” – Tree Of Life ~ Remember This View
The Fear of Being Lonely“Castle Walls Iced Over Calmly Collapsing” – Embrace Those Closest to You
Manzbow“Pulse Banjos” Pulse Banjos
Aphthous “Gateway of the Mind” Wasp-19b
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Dec 162015

MARTIN TETREAULT & DIANNE LABROSSE   –  “Untitled”    MOTTOMO OTOMO: Unlimited XIII (2000 CD release on TROST Records)

THE NEW BLOCKADERS“Le Couperet – 1”    –   Le Couperet: Music For The Crimes Of Dr. Petiot (2013 vinyl LP re-release on Harbinger Sound)

BEAUTY SCHOOL” A4″   –     Residual Ugly (2015 cassette release on Humbler)


TATSUYA NAKATANI – “Side B” Confirmation (2015 vinyl LP release on TAIGA Records)

DAVE HOLLAND“Improvised Piece V”      Improvisations For Cello And Guitar (1971 vinyl LP release on ECM Records)


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Dec 092015

S CORE – “Stampede” – Missing Volume (1998 vinyl LP release on Zabrinskie Point)

MERZBOW“Merz Collection I”   –    Lowest Music & Arts 1980 – 1983 (2012 9 LP vinyl re-issue on Vinyl On Demand)

PUTREFIER“Ham-Fisted Drainage” –    Putrefier    Cilium To Mkd Structure (1996 CD release on Batarr)


JOHN WIESE“DVD #3”    Live @ No Fun Fest 2006  (2015 2 x CD + DVD box set release from Helicopter)

SVEN-AKE JOHANSSON “Konzert Fur12 Traktoren” (excerpt)     8:16    –     Konzert fur 12 Traktoren (2015 single sided vinyl 12″ release on Trost Records)


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Dec 022015

KNURL “Welded Together” –  Underground Canada (1996 C64 various artist cassette release on Mother Savage Noise Productions)

AARON DILLOWAY“Chain Balled” –   Chain Balled (2009 vinyl 7″ release on Turgid Animal)

EMIL BEAULIEAU“Dedicated To Richard Rupenus 4” –  Dedicated To Richard Rupenus (1995 CD release on Pure)


PUTREFIER “Environment of the Modern Day American Gorgon” –         Trace Element Syntax (1997 CD release on Pure)

DANIEL MENCHE “Wall 5” –        Legions In The Walls (1995 CD release on Trente Oiseaux)

KEVIN DRUMM & LASSE MARHAUG “Frozen By Blizzard Winds 3” –        Frozen By Blizzard Winds (2002 CD release on Smalltown Supersound)
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