Nov 042015

JOHN WIESE“Cafe Oto” –  Deviate From Balance (2015 2 x LP release on Gilgongo Records)

PATRICK FARMER “Pine Tree, Recorded in Moorvich, Scotland” –  Aeolian Tree recordings (2008 MP3 file released on Compost and Height)

HAL HUTCHINSON “Totally Ugly” –   Dedicated To Damage (2015 CD release on Untergeschoss and Filth and Violence)


BORBETOMAGUS “We Were Done With The Judgement Of God Last Week” –    A’Go-Go  (2009 CD release on Agaric Records)

FRED LONGBERG-HOLM / PAUL NILSSEN-LOVE “Control” –  You Can Be Mine (2015 vinyl LP release on Bocian)

NOBUO YAMADA“Echoes#3” –    Echoes Of Tokyo Suburbs (2007 dbl CD release on ABH)



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