Apr 292015

THE NEW BLOCKADERS“NK Berlin”   –   Nonchalant Acts Of Artistic Nihilism (2015 CD release on Klangalerie)

YUJI TAKAHASHI “Krzlgch” –  Untitled    (2006 CD compilation release on Atak)


WOLF  EYES “Lunatic Binge” –    Lunatic Binge (2006 single sided limited edition vinyl 12″ / not on label)

SKIN GRAFT“Untitled” –  24 Grudges  – (2008 C40 cassette release on Pleasure Dome Tapez)

SICKNESS“Wiring In The Body” –     Schizoid (2004 CDr compilation release on Ninth Circle Music)HND42Audio-Technica AT-LP120USBCwhere to find a hookah penтурция путевки 2015рнкб кредиткредит 100 процентов одобрениягде легче взять кредитcondos miamiкурсы seo и продвижение сайтовраскрутка сайтасамыйскачатьпоискTM robot

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Apr 222015

JASON CRUMER“Nothing Could Have Stopped This” –   Ottoman Black (2008 CD release on Hospital Productions)

AUBE“Submerged Tension Part 2” –  Submerged Tension Remix (1993 C-46 cassette release on G.R.O.S.S.)

BEAUTY SCHOOL“B4” –    Residual Ugly (2015 cassette release on Humbler Records)

HAL HUTCHINSON“Dead Weight” –     Dedicated To Damage (2015 CD release on Untergeschoss / Filth and Violence)

TRANSIENT ENVIRONMENTAL FEEDBACK“Untitled” –     Symptomatic Harbinger (2013 CDr release on Harshnoise)


SCRAPED FACE“Track 01”Scraped Face/FREEBASS split (2014 C20 cassette release on DAMrecords)

MACRONYMPHA“Untitled” –   Metal (2009 C20 cassette release on Mother Savage Noise Productions)

SOFT OPTION KILLING“Untitled” –   Soft Option Killing (2010 cassette release on Hospital Production)

MERZBOW“tatara” –   Antimonument (1986 limited edition vinyl LP picture disc release on ZSF)консультант скачать бесплатноооо полигонлучший планшетвидеокамера для подводной рыбалкиэкспресс кредит в воронежекредит в европейском банкекредит по одному документу285 30 19 летние шины купитьhomes for sale in hallandale beach flнабор визажистаяндекс оптимизация сайтапрограммыufr-stealer.ruраскрутка сайта в яндексе

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Apr 152015

EXPLORING JEZEBEL“Only Tease” –     On A Business Trip To London (2015 vinyl LP release on Blackest Ever Black)

EDWIGE“Untitled” –   Play The Game Or Leave The Bed (21007 vinyl 7″ release on Release the bats)

PUTREFIER“Environment of the Modern Day American Gorgon”Trace Element Syntax (1997 CD release onPure)

DANIEL LOWENBRUCK & MARCELLVS  L.“Untitled” –  Stallgewitter (2014 vinyl LP release on iDEAL Records)

JEAN TINGUELY‘Sculpture at The Tate (4)” –   Sculpture at the Tate (2012 vinly LP release on

HAN BENNINK TRIO“Myckewelk” –  Parken (2009 CD release on ILk Music)


AUFGEHOBEN“Shibboleth” –    Messidor (2006 CD release on Holy Mountain)

SICKNESS“15” –   sought for slaying (2006 vinyl LP re-release on Hospital Productions- originally released on Ninth Circle Music)

SVIMMELHED“Jern” –      Svimmelhed (2014 CD release on Conrad Sound)women with shapely legsEfficientGrip Compactсумки планшеты женскиевидеокамеракредиты наличными пермькредит наличными 50000 грндонорский кредиткупить спортивный костюм Nikewebsite translationгугл регистрацияreal estate for sale ft lauderdale flсмотриUFRсобытия харьков

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Apr 012015

G-HORSTURZ “untitled” –   Life in The Psychotic Machinery (1995 cassette release on Mother Savage Noise Productions)

JIN SANGTAE“Extention” –   Extensity of Hard Disk Drive (2008 CD release on Balloon and Needle)

LASSE MARHAUG “untitled” –   One Eye And Watching (2001 vinyl 7″ release on Melektronikk)


PHOLDE “Of Uncertain Aspect” –    28:30    Pholde    Of Uncertain Aspect (2009 mp3 release on ping things)

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