Jul 302014

MERZBOW & THE NEW BLOCKADERS“Transience Part 2” –  The Ten Foot Square Hut (2004 CD release on Hypnagogia)


SISSY SPACEK and PANICSVILLE“Phys Ed. part one” –   Self-Titled 7” (2002 limited edition vinyl 7″release on Helicopter)


TAINT “Untitled” –  Prey (1995 C60 cassette release on Open Wound)

AGENCEMENT “Rout 83” –   Experimental Music Of Japan Vol.4: Early Works 1983-1986 (2010 CD release on Edition Omega Point)

PRICK DECAY / VIOLENT ONSEN GEISHA“Silver Afro Funeral March” –   Dada Junk Spew! (2009 limited edition CDr release on Studies for Audio Orgies Records)

METGUMBNERBONE – “Untitled” – 10:21 Metgumbnerbone Ligeliahorn (Redux)

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Jul 232014

CIRCUIT WOUND “02 Untitled” –  The Hunger Of Insects In Dry Places (2005 C15 cassette release on SwampLand)

D WRIGHT  “Orca Y Choronzon” – (D. Wright & Woe Is Me split cassette) Emergency Procedures: Live / Orca Y Choronzon (released in 1998 on Spite)


DE FABRIEK & K2“Black Rain” –  Noise Tournament Vol. 2 (1995 limited edition vinyl 7″ release on De Frabriek and Kinky Music Institute)

AARON DILLOWAY“A Funeral With Music” –  Chain Balled (2009 limited edition vinyl 7″ release on Turgid Animal)

AMERICAN BAND“Out Nurture” – 4:32  Low Fiction (2009 vinyl LP release on Hot Releases)

GUNT “Corpus Delecti” – 5:56 Instruments Of Hell (2006 CDr release on Dumping Ground Records)

GUNTER MULLER & LE QUAN NINH “La Voyelle U” – 8:10  La Voyelle Liquide (2000 CD release on Erstwhile)

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Jul 162014

WETHER “for being a socialist you’re not very social” – Wether/Trencher  split 8″(2006 Hexagonal Lathe Cut 8″ release on Life in a Box)

VORTEX CAMPAIGN/COIL/THE NEW BLOCKADERS “Untitled” –  The Melancholy Mad Tenant (2008 vinyl LP limited edition re-release on Important Records)

VIOLENT PINK “Loved / Exclusivity And Video” Finality And Reports (2011 limited edition cassette release on Crimes Against Skin)


THURSTON MOORE “Russell Haswell – Chew on This” –  Root (1998 CD release on Lo Recordings)

VIODRE “And what you think of it”uuee serve me high (2002 CDr release on Cathartic Process)

SISSY SPACEK “Hair Control b/w Incredible Fluorescent Ghost Hulk (1)” –  Scissors (2002 vinyl LP release on Misanthropic Agenda)

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Jul 092014

BODY COLLECTOR “02 Untitled” –  Six Guitars (2008 C15 cassette release on Excite Bike)

CARL KRUGER“For James Whitehead” –  For James Whitehead (2013 MP3 release on Kill Collector Culter)


GLOBE UNITY ORCHESTRA“Track 03” –  improvisations  (1978 vinyl LP release on JAPO)

GRUPPO DI IMPROVVISAZIONE NUOVA CONSONANZA – “Kate” –   Azioni 1967-69 (2006 2xCD / DVD Box set release on Die Schachtel)

JACK WRIGHT & MICHAEL JOHENSEN – “05-Snowy Egress” –  Truant Runts (2006 CDr release on Sprout)

GUNTER MULLER & LE QUAN NINH“La Voyelle” –  La Voyelle Liquide (2000 CD release on Erstwhile)покрытие для пола ламинатреставрацияпродажа баров ресторановноутбуки бу донецккредит онлайн воронежбанк хоум кредит бесплатный номертелефоны хоум кредит банкакупить wokремонт паркета ценыeasybinaryprofits.comхолдингивзломпрограмма для взлома wi fiwebmoney forex brokers

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Jul 022014

MERZBOW & S-CORE – “materials” (mixed by merzbow) –  a collaboration tape (1987 C46 cassatte release on Afflict Records)

AUBE, MSBR & KOJI MARUTANI“04” –  3 Cadavres Exquis (1998 CD release on E(r)ostrate)


THE BANDA PEOPLE“Suite for the mbaya ensemble” –   Banda Polyphony (1976 vinyl LP release on Phillips / UNESCO)

K2“Mind Flake” –   Facismusic (1999 C46 cassette release on Spite)

KK NULL & DANIEL MENCHE“Untitled”Raijin (2006 CD release on Asphodel)

KJETIL D BRANDSAL “Bimsi”  – Rogalands Lydigste (1999 vinyl LP release on Swill Radio)Grundig G8 Traveler II Blackшины Sonnyhomes for sale in north miami beachпокрывало Lotusрнкб кредитбанки иркутска кредитвзять кредит кировtop 10 binary option tradingпродвижение сайта сколько стоитBinaryoptionsкак купить короткий номерФормоломbrutus-aet2сегодня харьков

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