set list 09/25/2013…

CHAINFIGHT - “Side D”  - Prison Sweat (2008 2 x C22 cassette release on Chondritic Sound)

SETH NEHIL - ” untitled” -l Amnemonic Site (2007 CD release on Alluvial Recordings)

SKIN GRAFT“Untitled  - 24 Grudges (2008 C40 cassette release on Pleasure Dome Tapez)


THE NEW BLOCKADERS - ” Hit Damage On Ab Over X”  - History Of Nothing (2001 CD release on Sirien Records)

SMALL CRUEL PARTY“Unroof The House Of The Fishes 2″  – Unroof The House Of The Fishes (1993 C46 cassette release on G.O.S.S.)

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HAL HUTCHINSON - “Damage Portrait I”Damage Portrait (2012 C24 cassette release on At War With False Noise)

WEREWOLFJERUSALEM - “Crimson Cult”Curse Of The Crimson Altar (2013 3x C30 cassette release on Total Black)


SEWER ELECTION - “Side D”Ljungarum Blues/An Ode To Reality (2008 2x C21 cassette release on Chondritic Sound)

SISSY SPACEK - “Glass Loop” DDT (2008 C32 cassette release on Chondritic Sound)

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THE SONS OF GOD“The Sons Of God Drive Chairs” - The Sons Of God Drive Chairs (2001 7″ vinyl release on Fireworks Edition Records)

ABH“Untitled” - Unbounded Wall Noise (2010 cassette release on Rockatansky Records)

VIOLENT ONSEN GEISHA - “Devil Playmate And Hot Jets” Soundtrack For The End Of The World (1994 CD compilation release on Self Abuse Records)


RULLA - “possessed by venom” - an albatross around the neck (3″ CDr release)

TOSHIJI MIKAWA - “Bando Namida-Ame”Gyo-Kai Elegy (2007 CD release on Anoema Records)

VESTIGIAL LIMB-“saipan” - Immolation ritual (2008 CDr release on Small Doses)

MERZBOW/KADEF - “Larm Hitze Und Faulige Gerausche I”Soft / Lärm, Hitze Und Faulige Gerüche (1997 vinyl 10″ release on Dreizehn)

LUC FERRARI - “Etude Aux Accidents” - Musique Concréte (2003 CD compilation release on Electronic Music Foundation)
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AALY/DKV DOUBLE TRIO“Left To Right (For Henry Grimes)”  13:18 AALY/DKV Double Trio(2002 CD release on Okka Disc) AALY Trio (Gustafsson, Nordeson, Flaten) on left channel; DKV Trio (Vandermark, Kessler, Drake) on right channel. Recorded September 23, 1999 at Airwave Studios, Chicago.

RODGER COLEMAN and SAM BYRD“Indeterminate No.1″ 10:46 Indeterminate (Improvisations for Piano and Drums) (2013 CD release on Nuvoid Jazz Records)

BORBETOMAGUS“Ms. Fisch Brotchen” 5:21  – Zurich (1985 double vinyl LP release on Agaric Records)


MICHEL DONEDA - “Track 02″ 5:10 (Lol Coxhill/Michel Doneda) Sitting On Your Stairs (2013 CD release on Emanem)

GRUPPO DI IMPROVVISAZIONE NUOVA CONSONANZA“Strings Quartet” 4:15 Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza The Private Sea Of Dreams (1967 vinyl LP release on RCA Victor)

ECHO SYSTEM - “Creep Show” 9:49  Insect (1998 C20 cassette release on Brainchaos)

FRANCISCO LOPEZ - “03-Untitled #270″ 11:28 - Quartet for the End of Space  (2011 various artists CD release on Pogus Productions)

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