Sep 252013

set list 09/25/2013…

CHAINFIGHT “Side D”  – Prison Sweat (2008 2 x C22 cassette release on Chondritic Sound)

SETH NEHIL ” untitled” -l Amnemonic Site (2007 CD release on Alluvial Recordings)

SKIN GRAFT“Untitled  – 24 Grudges (2008 C40 cassette release on Pleasure Dome Tapez)


THE NEW BLOCKADERS ” Hit Damage On Ab Over X”  – History Of Nothing (2001 CD release on Sirien Records)

SMALL CRUEL PARTY“Unroof The House Of The Fishes 2”  – Unroof The House Of The Fishes (1993 C46 cassette release on G.O.S.S.)

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Sep 182013

HAL HUTCHINSON “Damage Portrait I”Damage Portrait (2012 C24 cassette release on At War With False Noise)

WEREWOLFJERUSALEM “Crimson Cult” – Curse Of The Crimson Altar (2013 3x C30 cassette release on Total Black)


SEWER ELECTION “Side D”Ljungarum Blues/An Ode To Reality (2008 2x C21 cassette release on Chondritic Sound)

SISSY SPACEK “Glass Loop” –  DDT (2008 C32 cassette release on Chondritic Sound)

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Sep 112013

THE SONS OF GOD“The Sons Of God Drive Chairs” The Sons Of God Drive Chairs (2001 7″ vinyl release on Fireworks Edition Records)

ABH“Untitled” – Unbounded Wall Noise (2010 cassette release on Rockatansky Records)

VIOLENT ONSEN GEISHA “Devil Playmate And Hot Jets” –  Soundtrack For The End Of The World (1994 CD compilation release on Self Abuse Records)


RULLA “possessed by venom” an albatross around the neck (3″ CDr release)

TOSHIJI MIKAWA “Bando Namida-Ame”Gyo-Kai Elegy (2007 CD release on Anoema Records)

VESTIGIAL LIMB“saipan” Immolation ritual (2008 CDr release on Small Doses)

MERZBOW/KADEF “Larm Hitze Und Faulige Gerausche I”Soft / Lärm, Hitze Und Faulige Gerüche (1997 vinyl 10″ release on Dreizehn)

LUC FERRARI “Etude Aux Accidents” – Musique Concréte (2003 CD compilation release on Electronic Music Foundation)
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Sep 042013

AALY/DKV DOUBLE TRIO“Left To Right (For Henry Grimes)”  13:18 AALY/DKV Double Trio(2002 CD release on Okka Disc) AALY Trio (Gustafsson, Nordeson, Flaten) on left channel; DKV Trio (Vandermark, Kessler, Drake) on right channel. Recorded September 23, 1999 at Airwave Studios, Chicago.

RODGER COLEMAN and SAM BYRD“Indeterminate No.1” 10:46 Indeterminate (Improvisations for Piano and Drums) (2013 CD release on Nuvoid Jazz Records)

BORBETOMAGUS“Ms. Fisch Brotchen” 5:21  – Zurich (1985 double vinyl LP release on Agaric Records)


MICHEL DONEDA “Track 02” 5:10 (Lol Coxhill/Michel Doneda) Sitting On Your Stairs (2013 CD release on Emanem)

GRUPPO DI IMPROVVISAZIONE NUOVA CONSONANZA“Strings Quartet” 4:15 Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza The Private Sea Of Dreams (1967 vinyl LP release on RCA Victor)

ECHO SYSTEM “Creep Show” 9:49  Insect (1998 C20 cassette release on Brainchaos)

FRANCISCO LOPEZ “03-Untitled #270” 11:28 – Quartet for the End of Space  (2011 various artists CD release on Pogus Productions)

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