HAL HUTCHINSON“Taste Of Iron Part One”  - Taste Of Iron (2010 C20 cassette release on Freak Animal Records)

WEASEL WALTER/MICK BARR/ SAM HILLER“the art of rolling”  -  Untitled collaboration  (2006 10″ vinyl release on Epicene Sound System)

BORBETOMAGUS“Pink Parts”Zurich (1985 2xvinyl release on Agaric Records)

AUFGEHOBEN - “Interruhig”Fragments Of The Marble Plan (2012 vinyl LP release on Holy Mountain Records)

BARK!“A Room Each”Fume Of Sighs (2012 CD release on Psi)


DANIEL MENCHE  – “Guts One”  -  Guts (2012 2xvinyl LP release on Editions Mego)

HEDDY BOUBAKER  – “Déglutitions #3″  –  Lack of Conversation (2006 CD release on Creative Sources)google page speed analyzerооо полигон киев отзывыЧехол от солнца Kia для машинытент seatвзять деньги в долг кировприора в кредитдают ли студентам кредит


DISLOCATION“Delayed/On The Move”Dedication

DIESEL GUITARS“Loomings”Soundtrack For The End Of The World (1994 CD compilation release on Self Abuse)

ACERRIMAMENTE - “Untitled” - Even Death Can`t Stop Us -(2003 cassette release on Dreizehn)

UNITAUF - “Seraphim” - Analogue Anal (2008 CDr release on Sewer Records)


AUBE“Refrigeration” - Substructural Penetration (1998 double CD release on Iris Light Records)

1154“Coyotes” Anciestra (1988 cassette compilation release on Big Body Parts)

THEM BEHAVIOR“Eating Out Of A Whole” Anciestra (1988 cassette compilation release on Big Body Parts)

WOLF VOSTELL“Hodispannung” - De-Collage (1982 vinyl LP release on Multhipla Records)

WOLF EYES – “Lunatic Binge” – Lunatic Binge (2006 vinyl LP release / Not On Label)укладка доски пола видеоopteck signalscondos for sale in brickell miamiдомик на берегу океанадебет 51 кредит 621 млн в кредитпостроить дом в кредит


AUFGEHOBEN - “MeOn”Fragments Of The Marble Plan (2012 vinyl LP release on Holy Mountain)

THE HATERS“The Rapture Of Transformation”VARIOUS – Soundtrack For The End Of The World (1994 Various Artist rCD release on Self Abuse Records)

AUBE - “Gush”Dedication (1993 Various Artist CD release on Artware Productions)

E.A.T.M.“Armonia Represiva” - Even Death Can`t Stop Us (2003 cassette release on Dreizehn)


ALAN STOUT“For Prepared Piano” - V/A – Prepared Piano: The First Four Decades (1983 vinyl LP release on Musical Heritage Society)

AGENCEMENT“Homeo Box & A.T.G.C.”Ne Shi  (1994 double cassette release on Banned Productions)

ZBIGNIEW KARKOWSKI - “Idented”  – Choice of Points for the Application of Force (2000 CD release on Ytterbium)раскрутка сайта регистрацияраскрутка сайта ucoz бесплатнотовары для единоборств интернет магазинпокрывало Acurachevrolet cruze купить в кредитденьги в долг срочно томскэкспресс кредит 50000 екатеринбург


THIS VERY MOMENT - “Kirilov”  Complication Compilation

RUNZELSTIRN & GURGELSTOCK - “Brutal Homoroid”Complication Compilation

KAPOTTE MUZIEK -“The Sound Can Change”  -  Complication Compilation ((2012 Various Artists CDr release on Suitcase)

ANDERS DAHL, PATRICK FARMERE, CHRISTIAN MUNTHE“At Geiger”Anders Dahl, Patrick Farmer, Christian Munthe – At Geiger (2011 MP3 download from Compost & Height)


KEVIN DRUMM“Gutsynth 2000″ (Version 3)  – The Obstacles of Romantic Exaggeration (disc 2)  (2010 CD release on Karl Schmidt Verlag)

PATERAS, BAXTER, BROWN“You can do it pimp lucius”  - Interference (2008 CD release on  emd.pl/records)покрытие паркетной доски24option payoutкупить покрышки в украинеbinary tradingкредиты для студентов сбербанкгорячая линия хоум кредитахоум кредит телефоны горячей линии


THE NEW BLOCKADERS & PUTRIFIER“Untitled”Schleifmittelbögen CDR (2007 vinyl LP and bonus CDr release on Birthbiter)

OTOMO YOSHIIHIDE“Turntable With Guitar Amp”Turntable Solos (2004 mini CD release on Alcohol)

SOLMANIA - “Metamorphor Chorus II”  – Metamorphor Chorus 1991 (1991 CD release on Alchemy Records)

MERZBOW“Ko To No O To” (Part 2)  – ko to no o to (2012 vinyl 7″ release on Retort Records)

MERZBOW - “Scarabe” - Merzbox (disc 24 Enclosure/Libido Economy – originally released in 1987 as a limited edition c46 cassette release on ZSF Produckt)

WOODS/RAMMEL/DUO“intricate machines 3″intricate machines working in a small, enclosed space (2012 c45 cassette release on Car Wash Tapes)


PHOSPHOR“P1″  – Phosphor (2001 CD release on Potlatch)

LAUHKEAT LAMPAAT“Teppii”  – Sylissäin Oot (2005 vinyl LP release on Qbico)24option reviewпорно фото фетишdashboard covers for carscar cover ukкупить скутер в кредит москвабыстрый займ воронежвыгодный займ в новосибирске