Jun 262013

VIOLENT ONSEN GEISHA & THURSTON MOORE“With Thurston Moore” (recorded live 9/27/95 Knitting Factory New York City, New York USA) –  Violent Onsen Geisha – U.S. Tour ’95 (1995 CD release on Japan Overseas)

OPEN CITY “dusty sweets, bit parts” –  two sides of california – (2005 vinyl LP release on RRRecords)


PETALS“sleep to wake” 15:28 petals – sleep to wake wake to sleep – (2010 cassette release on Afternoon Modeling)

TATSUYA NAKATANI“Circle Modern Way”Green Report 12 – (2004 CD release on H&H Production)

LASSE MARHAUGH & JOHN WIESE “Rip Torn” –  Country and Western – (2010 CD release on Helicopter)

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Jun 192013

INTERLARD “Diagnostic” – Meanwhile (2012 release)

BEN BENNETT“the ship is sinking, but the ship is made of water” –  WIPERWILL (2012 CD release on EXPERIMEDIA)

GX JUPITTER-LARSEN & DAVID JACKMAN“An Extraordinary Shovel”Dissolving Metal Zeros (1994 7″ release on Banned Production)

INCAPACITANTS“Snow Girl”  – Tight (2009 vinyl LP release on Dogma Chase)

THE BASTARD NOISE“Temple Of Youth” –  Rrrevenge (2001 double CD release on Thumbprint Press)

BARK!“Romeo”–  Fume Of Sighs (2012 CD release on PSI)


GRUPPO DI IMPROVVISAZIONE NUOVA CONSONANZA “Lip Service” (Cantata)  – The Private Sea Of Dreams (1967 vinyl LP release on RCA Victor)

HOWARD STELZER & FRANS DE WAARD“Slate”  – Torn Tongue (2010 vinyl 7″ release on Absurd)

MERZBOW & JAMIE SAFT“Dangermix”  -Merzdub (2006 CD release on Caminante Recordings)

BERTRAND GAUGUET, FRANZ HAUTZINGER, THOMAS LEHN“Close Up 01” – Close Up (2009 CD release on Monotype Records)Roads D24Option Reviewсайт детской одеждыBinary option brokerвзять кредит в новосибирскепотребительский кредит с 20 леткредит наличными псковблендерtranslation spanishtop 10 binary trading sitesmiami beach apartments for rent by ownervzlomtools.comsims онлайнмолодежь церкви возрождение

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Jun 122013

AUFGEHOBEN “Ethicsisnoption (TI23)”Fragments Of The Marble Plan – (2012 Vinyl LP release on Holy Mountain)

DISTANT RELATIVE “Act. 1 thru 12” –   First Folio – (2011 MP3 release on Grindcore Karaoke)
DIE REITENDEN LEICHEN (The Horse Ends Corpses) – “Gott Verwest (God Westernized)” –  Trutz (2009 cassette release on Monolithische Aktion)


+DOG+“human resources” –   The Passion Cave -(2013 MP3 release on 4EYES net label)

DAS SYNTHETISCHE MISCHGEWEBE (The Synthetic Compound Gewebe) – “phemera – (Insatiable Collection of Pt.1)” –  “The Escape Of The Electrified Dermatologist Epitomises His Dissent With The Compromising Juxtaposition Of The Smell And The Sound Of A Pair Of Wings Injured In Subdued Romance.” (2006 double CD release on Monochrome Vision)

GREG KELLEY / OLIVIA BLOCK“Looking Through Bone” –  Resolution – (2011 CD release on Erstwhile Records)top binary option brokersUS Binary options brokerretractable tonneau covers truck bedпогода по маршруту1 млн в кредитпао банк премьер кредитдебет 10 кредит 10наружные видеокамерыпоисковая гуглbanc de binary contactсколько стоит контекстная реклама в яндексеантибан для warface скачать бесплатноарендаавито услуги москва

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Jun 052013

OSCILLATING INNARDS“Pacemaker” –   – The Broken Column

MERZBOW“Theme Of Dadaist” –   Merzbox 03  (1980 cassette release on Lowest Music and Arts)

PORNODRONE“Llamada de apareamiento de una perra extraterrestre” ( Mating Call Of  a Dog Alien) –  Sicalipsis (Suggestiveness) (2011 release, N.O.L)


BANETORIKO –  “nue” –  Master Mix  (2012 SoundCloud MP3)

PATERAS/BAXTER/BROWN“Vienna Three” –  Pateras/Baxter/Brown Gauticle (2004 CD release on Synaesthesia)

HAL HAMMEL / MATT TURNER“Fracture 2”  Fractures and Phantoms (2012 CD release on Penumbra)Binary Options Tradingсколько стоит раскрутка интернет магазинапутевки на отдых ценыLatitude on the Riverкредитная карта кукуруза процентная ставкаресо кредиткредиты студентам сбербанкtranslator italian to englishмероприятия по повышению продажпродвижение сайта с нулядешево укладка паркетавзломnewbrut for mailцерковь возрождение

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