ASTRONOISE - “Degression”- Digression / Degression (2004 CDr release on Balloon & Needle)

INCAPACITANTS - “Letter Hero“- Tight (2009 vinyl LP release on Dogma Chase)

AARON DILLOWAY - “Siena 6″ - siena (2013 MP3 download from Hanson Records)


KEVIN DRUMM - “Gutsynth 2000 (Version 1)”The Obstacles of Romantic Exaggeration (disc 2) (2010 double CDr 0n Karl Schmidt Verlag)

KAZUMA KUBOTA“live at cafe flying teapot – ekoda, tokyo – 7-12-2009″live recordings (2012 MP3 release on Annex 1 / Pro-Noise)

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BEN BENNETT“how to get a fox in sent mode”  - WIPERWILL (2011 CD release, Not On Label)

BEN BENNETT -“how to make an important decision”WIPERWILL (2011 CD release, Not On Label)

BEN BENNETT - “eastern coachwipe”  - WIPERWILL (2011 CD release, Not On Label)

BEN BENNETT - “wyandott wipe out”  -  WIPERWILL (2011 CD release, Not On Label)

CHRISTOPHER RIGGS“Track 03″ Unpopular Electronics / She Just Won’t Quit (2013 CDr release on Holy Cheever Church)

FRANK GRATKOWSKI, CHRIS BROWN, WILLIAM WINANT“Trampoline”Vermillion Traces: Donaueschingen Musiktage 2009 [Disc 1] (2012 2xCD release on Leo Records)


JACK WRIGHT, MICHAEL JOHNSEN - “Naughty Pines”  – Truant Runts (2006 CDr release on Sprout)

MICHEL DONEDA, TATSUYA NAKATANI, JACK WRIGHT“Of Pipes And Roots”  – From Between - (2004 C D release on SOSproductions)

PER ANDERS NILSSON, STEN SANDELL, RAYMOND STRID – “Grey Zone” – Beam Store” - (2006 CD release on PSI records)
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BASSMANN)))88 - “i”generic noise comp. 2 (the REAL one) -  (2012 digital download)

GHOSTS OF DEAD TABLES“blurb” - generic noise comp. 2 (the REAL one) – (2012 digital download)

TOSHIJI MIKAWA“Vietnam Forever”Gyo-Kai Elegy – (2007 CD release on Anoema)

TOSHIJI MIKAWA“Live At Roots 20090208″ - Incapacitants / Toshiji Mikawa split CDr -  For U.K. Show 20091106 – (2009 limited edition CDr)


BORBETOMAGUS“presentation underpants”below the radar vol 3  (2010 WIRE magazine MP3 compilation release)

AUFGEHOBEN“Fruitsofcouncils/shrewed (362b)” Fragments Of The Marble Plan (2012 vinyl LP release on Holy Mountain)

STAER“Sex Varnish” 7:15 Staer – (2012 vinyl LP release on Gaffer Records)

HITOSHI KOJO” hiruko”ezo – (2009 10″ vinyl release on Alluvial Recordings))позиции сайтов в googlehow to invest in binary optionsтур в доминиканакупить винопремьер кредиткредит молодая семьяхоум кредит горячая линия 8800


WEREWOLF JERUSALEM - “Beyond Midnight” -  Black Chapel – (2009 vinyl LP release on Urashima Records)


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