SCRAPED FACE - “Untitled No. 4″  (2013 SoundCloud Download)

BAD KHARMA - “Wasa”Scandinavian Noise Manifesto (1998 CD release on Freak Animal Records)


ZBIGNIEW KARKOWSKI  - “mix white”  (live at the Archipel Festival, Geneve, Switzerland, March 23, 2004.) zeitkratzer world as will iii (2008 CD release on Sub Rosa)

THE NEW BLOCKADERS  - “warum hatte das blockieren halten” (why had the hold block) 12:12 Gesamtnichtswerk: 20th Antiversary Antiology (1982-2002), (2003  4xCD box set release on Hypnagogia)


CRACKED DOME - “contemplation and despair”  – Contemplation and Despair (2010 CD-r release on DumpsterScore)

DROR FEILER - “emergmach”  -  the return of the real (2002 CD-r release on Tochnit Aleph)


GX JUPITTER-LARSEN - “Big Time Crash Bang 2008 (Side B)”Big Time Crash Bang  (2008 vinyl LP release on RRRecords)

SICKNESS/JOHN WIESE“Back To Xanadu”Amnesia (2011 vinyl 7″ release on Freak Animal Records)

TORTURING NURSE - “NanaNanaNanaAnanAnanAnan”NanaNanaNanaNanaNanaNana (2005 CD-r release on Obscurica)



THE RITA – Footless “Untitled (C)”The Nylons Of Laura Antonelli (2009 8x C-30 cassette release on Utmarken)

BURNING STAR CORE - “Side A”Sword Swallower’s Opera (2008 C20 cassette release on Hospital Productions)

CLEW OF THESEUS“Visitation Part – 2″ -  home/visitation (2003 CDr release on Chondritic Sounds)


GERRITTuntitled”Space Level Blaze (2005 CD release on Misanthropic)

AN INNOCENT YOUNG THROAT CUTTER - “Brink Of Madness”Mrs. Wardh (2009 vinyl LP on Urashima)

LASSE MARHAUG“untitled”One Eye And Watching (2001 vinyl 7″ release on Melektronikk)

HOWARD STELZER & FRANS DE WAARD“Translate” - Torn Tongue (2002 CDr release on Absurd)


BORBETOMAGUS - “Schwarma Death”Zurich (1985 double LP release on Agaric Records)

CHURNER“Extreme Carnage Done With Love”  – To Strangle Every Joy (2008 limited edition CD-r release on Violent Noise Atrocities)


CORSANO / SHIFLET / YEH TRIO“Untitled” - Live @ Flywheel, Easthampton MA 12/20/03 (2004 CD-r release on DroneDisco)

SEIJIRO MURAYAMA“Llott” - Solos (2009 CD release on Zerojardins)

PATERAS/BAXTER/BROWN“London Two”Gauticle (2004 CD release on Synaesthesia)