May 302012

GRKZGL “S’en tire sans titre”  – S’en tire sans titre (MP3 file released 2012)

MARTIN KUCHEN“The Orphanage”  – The Lie & The Orphanage (2010 CD release on Mathka Records)


AMK / MSBR / SPECULUM FIGHT “mkbright”  – damkbr (1999 cassette release on Banned Productions)

ERIC LASKA / CHRISTOPHER RIGGS “Untitled” Eric Laska/Christopher Riggs April 1, 2012 (MP3 released in 2012)порно видео турецкоегрупповой секс на вечеринкеноутбук леновакупить стеклянную кастрюлювзять деньги в долг ростелекомкредит 500 000 рублейтач банк взять кредитмагазиныbest binary sitesраскрутка сайтов в яндексеOptionsVZLOM FACEBOOKздесьраскрутка сайта в поисковиках

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May 232012

SET LIST 05/23/2012…


BRANDEN ABUSHANAB“around the bridge” The Dust Improvisations (2010 self released limited edition CD)

MATTHEW SPERRY “One” Solo Bass Vol. 1 (2003 CD release on Limited Sedition)

FREEBASS“Untitled”RAW (2012 CDr release on DAMrecords)

FERNANDO GRILLO“Fluvine due”Fluvine (1976 LP release on Cramps Records)


SMALL CRUEL PARTY “Sister Brother”Scratch Of The Mutilated / Sister Brother (Small Cruel Party / Daniel Menche 1996 split Acetate 7″ on MSBR Records)

DANIEL MENCHE“Scratch Of The Mutilated” Scratch Of The Mutilated / Sister Brother (Small Cruel Party / Daniel Menche 1996 split Acetate 7″ on MSBR REcords)

HOLLY HOLLIS“Untitled”Places Without Faces (2009 Cassette release on Attic Cassettes)

FAILING LIGHTS“Untitled” What Once Was (2005 cassette release on Hospital Productions)

COMA DETOX“Massive Hematoma”Volatile Debasement (2009 cassette release on Nil By Mouth Recordings)

EMIL BEAULIEAU“Anti 12/12/90” Memories (1994 CD release on Pure)

AUFGEHOBEN“B2-Interruhig”Fragments of the Marble Plan (2012 LP release on Holy Mountain Records)

BAGMAN“TOY BOX” – BODY PARADOX (2009 CDr release on 412 Recordings)Best Binary Options Tradingкомпания ооо полигонluxury watches brandлучшая чугунная сковородабыстрые деньги займ воронежкредиты в банках пермигде легко получить кредит24option android24optionsocial media site listсколько стоит контекстная реклама в гуглепрограммаolikeцерковь возрождение

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May 162012

THE NEW BLOCKADERS“Free Uninterrupted Collective Karma Part I” –  Est Mort (1995 double CD release on Testco Organization)


GREG KELLEY / OLIVIA BLOCK“Some Old Slapstick Routine”  –  Resolution (2011 CD release on Erstwhile Records)

BORIS  SNAUWAERT “abandoned rain”Abandoned Rain (2010 Digital download from Compost and Height)

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May 022012

OSCILLATING INNARDS“Pacemaker”  –The Broken Column (2010 cassette release on Latrogenesis Records)

DIE REITENDEN LEICHEN“Gott Verwest”Trutz (2009 cassette release on Monolithische Records)

HEINZ HOPF“first session ii”heinz hopf (2010 self release cassette release)


THE HATERS“The Rapture Of Transformation” –  Soundtrack For The End Of The World (1994 Various Artist CD release on Self Abuse Records)

OUTERMOST“Medicine Injury”  – Beware of This and That (2001 CDr release on Hospital Productions)

P16.D4 / MERZBOW“Half cut cows”Acrid Acme (of) P16.D4 (1989 CD release on Selektion Records)

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