BOAR - “Countless Cuts”Rust (2011 CDr release on Breaching Static Records)

MANON ANNE GILLIS & GX JUPITTER-LARSEN - “encored dust (1994)”  – encored dust (2000 7″ vinyl release on Noisopoly)

AHLZAGAILZEHGUH“Junk New York”Ideometer Effect (2009 C20 cassette release on Chondritic Sound)

AMERICAN BAND“Terrified” - American Band’s First Album (2006 CD release on Blossoming Noise)

ASTRONOISE“Overproduction”  -Digression / Degression (2004 CDr release on Balloon & Needle)

DANIEL MENCHE - “Track 03″  – Incineration (1993 Cd release on Soleilmoon Recordings)


K2“Metal Dysplasia 1″  – Metal Dysplasia (1996 CD release on Cheeses International)

MERZBOW & PORN“XI.”  -  …And the Devil Makes Three. (2008 CD release on Truth Cult)


AUFGEHOBEN ”Fragments of the Marble Plan” – (2012 LP release on Holy Mountain Records)

A1 - ActsRoman(s)

A2 - Whataboutwhen  (med3)

A3 - Ethicsisnoption  (TI23)

A4 - Fruitsofcouncils/shrewed  (362b)


B1 - CuriosityVanityExpediency

B2  -Interruhig

B3 - Thatwealldothatwedo  (1102s2-3)

B4 - MeOn

B5 - Schollum 159


SEIJIRO MURAYAMA - “Auci”Solos  (2009 CD release on Zerojardins Records)

SISSY SPACEK“Live at The Smell, Los Angeles, CA July 19, 2008″Glass (2009 CD release on Misanthropic Agenda Records)


CIRCULATORY SYSTEM -“Woodpecker Greeting Worker Ant”Signal Morning (2009 CD release on Cloud Recordings)

SEBASTIEN BOUHANA - “une vieille connaissance” (an old acquaintance)Tambour, pas tant (drum, not so much)  (2010 MP3 release on Insubordinations, recorded December 2010 in the “great hall of RANC’ARTS” in Aouste sur Sye, France.)


PATRICK FARMER“Gorse busch”Aeolian Tree Recordings – MP3 download

PATRICK FARMER“Oak Tree”Aeolian Tree Recordings – MP3 download

PATRICK FARMER - “Pine Tree” -  Aeolian Tree Recordings   MP3 download (Three recordings of tree vibrations. Recorded in Scotland and Hertfordshire between July 2007 and 2008,  available at


TUBA“Untitled”MP3 download (recorded 2010)

MARTIN KUCHEN - “Killing The Houses, Killing The Trees”  -  The Lie & The Orphanage  (CD rerlease in 2010 on Mathka Records)

PATERAS, BAXTER, BROWN“You can do it pimp lucius”Interference (2008 CD release on